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What do you dislike tinting the most?


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Over the years, I have seen just about everything in auto tinting jobs. Ranging from the disgustingly filthy interiors and exteriors, the cars full of crap that has to be removed to get into the back seat, back decks full of dog hair, totally picky customers, old rusty cars that it's impossible to remove any panels or have rubber gaskets, etc.

What is the jobs that you h@te the worst? For me, it's a toss-up between the filthy jobs (including dog-hair), and the old POSes where the screws aren't even holding the door panels on anymore.

Here's a couple pics of a job that I had today, that fell into both of those catagories... I don't know what it is, but I tend to have less contamination on vehicles that are disgustingly dirty inside. Maybe it's 'cause I am being more particular prepping for install, but I don't do much more than on newer stuff... just a bit more flushing.



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Thats nasty

I despise baby seats, and cars full of crap.

Rotting headliners, and old pickup trucks.

Semi trucks, and RVs

Windows that don't work

and hatches that won't open

just to name a few :poke

oh yeah....NO-SHOWS :poke

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Guest mastertinter

Oh man exact-oh, that's a nasty job you had to do. I feel sooooo bad for you and I know how horrible those can be. Those are also usually the customers who are the pickiest too.

I had a boat to do for the navy yesterday. It wasn't dirty inside, but the windows sure were.


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I primarily work on cars that are newer now ...I 've noticed that customers aren't hanging on to thier cars as long as they used to which is a good thing :poke

I personally h@te cars with ruber gaskets of the 70's and 80's holding in tons of dirt and debris just waiting to flush out into the tint ...so much more cleaning time to make them come out good .

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On that Landrover in the pics, the rubber gaskets produced so much black and brown crap that I thought my job was going to be terrible. The shop floor underneath the back door actually turned black after flushing it. The job turned out clean though. I think it was the high pressure of the cornelious tank... I love that thing.

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I think it was the high pressure of the cornelious tank... I love that thing.


:poke Flushing is the key to "like new install " ..I also like cutting a "new border" with my knife around most old gaskets as well ..you get rid of a lot of dirt that way as well as being able to hide the edge of the film most times too :poke

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