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Dodgy/bad service? Need your advice

Guest ViT

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I'm not professional, but customer :uh .

I've got my new Mazda3 tinted yesterday and I feel a little bit paranoid about what has been done to her, because it's just 2 weeks old car and tint work looks dodgy to me. My previous car didn't have tint. So I'm here in seeking of your professional advice and recommendations, before I put my formal complain.

First film, Kolon film was installed instead of johnson, which I was told over phone as fully metallised. Tint looks not too bad on my taste and I can leve with it, but is this film 100% metallised or not and how it's in comparison with johnson films in general.

Second is the work, here I'm frustrated.

1. Both front windows have their front bottom corner cut. .

Is it normal or '., don't remember such thing on other cars.

2. All windows have their films just above the weather-strip. .

Is this normal or '.., I thought it has to be lower, so film end shouldn't be seen.

3. All windows have films which are not reaching window rubber seal ether on front or rear edge. Even more the front left does have a 2-3mm gap, so film even not reaching any sealing (that's has to be fixed). . Never seen such thing. Looks very dodgy to me.

4. Right rear door film has small tear. .

My opinion every door window has to be redone.

5. The rear window film edge cut looks not good from inside and has couple bulbs. . Shall I mention it in my formal request?

It's not the end, here is the damage to my car, which is I'm pissed off about more than even work.

6. ' windows rubber sealing were cut badly. I wouldn't expect some one cut it without my permissions, especially when it's so visible. .

7. Even films are well above the cuts, why to do any cut. .

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix, really upset.

Would it be reasonable to ask to cover new rubber seals and cost of their replacements (looking on 'damaged vehicles, who pays' topic :uh )?

8. Not sure about windows top edges, because it's still less than 48 hours from installation and I don't want to void any warranty, even with such dodgy work. I'll see tomorrow.

She's only 2 weeks old and it's already been hurt :uh , you can see all images in

Guy was saying that he's 25 years in this business. It might was a bad day for him, but it shouldn't affect my car. I'll be visiting him in mid this week to raise these issues.

So tell me what you think and what I can do.



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I think you have some issues there that really need to be discussed with the shop performing the work.

Take it  back and discuss it and keep us updated.




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ok, I'll bite, it looks crap, you need to try to get your money back and take it to a true proffessional. How much did you pay?, no offense, but it looks like you went with cheapest guy in town. As far as "kohler?", never heard of it, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I trim the rubber of just about every quarter window I tint, TRIM the rubber, not h@ck the rubber, from the photo it looks like a dang half an inch!!!

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I have SO much to say about the pics I saw...I wouldn''t know where to begin ..so I'll be brief and too the point:

You definatly have an "installer issue" not nesessarily a "film brand" issue.

Take it back to the dealer pointing out your "issues". I do MANY Mazda 3's for the dealer in my area ..he would kick me ...and my services right out the door if I produced what I saw in those pics. :uh

On this site we don't like to get in the middle of customer/business problems ..notice I didn't say it was a bad job at all ..just what would hapen If I did the same job here :uh

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Guest Diamond Tints

Man this is one sh!t job :lol2:lol2 Go back and get your money back no ifs, no buts, money back, and the money for new rubbers, don't even know where to start on this job but to the point you were robbed and your tint is a total joke print off this page and take it down to him :uh sorry to sound harsh on your tint but for effs sake this is a seriously bbbbbbaaaaaaaaadddddd job :uh:uh

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I'm going to close the thread down ..as MM said this thread will only be heading in more of a negative direction ...hopefully you see what the common opinion is of the job you got ...do with this advice as you wish and the best of luck :uh

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