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OK, now I get to do some more free work


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So I had this body shop bring me a job yesterday. It was a Ford Mustang that needed two windows done 'cause they were replaced. Their customer told them that she wanted a sunstrip too, but she wanted it ABOVE the Mustang logo in the center of the windshield.

I couldn't believe it, and I asked the owner of the bodyshop... are you sure? This is a bodyshop that I deal with quite often and we get along well. This sunstrip, to those specs, was only 1" wide!

So, I install this thing, about 1" wide, it does absolutely nothing for the car, and it was a PITA to install. The bodyshop calls me today. I guess she picked her car up and was questioning the windshield... saying she wanted it to the bottom of the mustang logo.

I can't win. Now I have to redo the thing.

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I'd tell them where they can shove that 1" strip.

No time for that kinda BS :bingo

:bingo If they were a real good customer though, I would tell them to bring me the car back along with a film removal fee, And what you charge them for the strip, since he's an idiot, who would want to waste time and money on a 1" strip. :lol

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This bodyshop just did some freebee work for the hubby, re-clearing his carbon fiber fenders for his motorcyle. We trade work all the time. I will just put this one in the 'you owe me one' file.

Just pisses me off. I take the work from this and other bodyshop work as priority. I know they have to get them back to the customers too. That means I had two jobs after 6PM last night... which ticked me off to begin with.

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