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Advice needed!!!!

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My local BMW franchise range me up last week. They wanted 2 windows tinting on a brand new BMW M5. Simple enough right?

I told them it was a quick job but having not worked on one before I told them to get one of their mechanics to remove the door panels before I got there.

I arrived and as agreed the door panels were off lying in the corner of the showroom. I did the tint job, bringing the panels over to the car to plug in the electric windows to move the glass as needed.

I finished and left. Next morning I get a call from them saying there are a couple of bubbles in the tint. Unusual I thought but went to have a look. It turn out that whoever put the panels back on had caught the film and moved it while it was still wet. Air got underneath but fortunately it was still moist enough to push it out and it looked as good as it did when I finished it the day before. So all good right?

Not quite. The guy says before you go what do you know about that (pointing at a gouge in the door panel leather)? I said it didnt look good, bit of a problem for you. He said that his mechanic didnt do it so it must have been me! Its funny though because the only tool I used was a razor blade and there is a big gouge in the leather right next to the bolt cover in the side of the panel. Looks like a screwdriver slip to me I said.

He said he takes his mechanics word as gold and there is no way he did it. He says the only fair way to sort it is to get a new panel and split the cost between them and us.

Got the bill today. ?550, that like $800. Thats half the cost of the new panel fitted apparently.

Should I pay it? Has anyone had any similar experiences? What did you do?

Needless to say Im not happy but do I have a leg to stand on?

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Guest pbtint

JP if you did not damage the trim - stand on your word

If the dealer treats his mechanics word as gold - why is he prepared to go halves?

You have to decide if your ongoing work with this guy is worth the cost but if he doesn't believe/trust your word now - is it worth saving the relationship

If you give in now for expediency - what happens next time they find a mark

Your word and reputation are valuable - don't cheapen it if your right


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thats lame...of course the mechanics going to say he didnt do it. funny enough I just tinted one of these yesturday and for you not tinting one before it was good you knew to have the door panels off because thats what I ended up doing, I just let the door panel hang there so I could work the buttons and then I stuck it back on (gouge free and I was working over it the whole time) hell man even if theres a chance you scratched it for 800 bones I'd say I didnt do it til the end!! good luck :lol2

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If the dealer treats his mechanics word as gold - why is he prepared to go halves?


The odds are the mechanic did it since he's the one that was primarily dealing with the panels ..a bad spot to be in for sure..as mentioned determine if your going to get lots of business from them or not..if you don't think you will AND you know you didn't damage the panel, I personally wouldn't do it IMO

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Guest jackswindowtint

[/b] First off, does this dealer really give you a lot of buisness? How long have you done work for them? If the answers are little to none then tell them to beat it. I used to do work for dealers they ALWAYS blame the outsiders. So unless the big picture is they give you $$$$ all the time what do you need them for? And if there mech didnt do it why will they split it with you?

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dealership "managers" are gofers and don't mean squat :blah

:blah depends on the dealership...........a good manager is worth thier weight in gold.

that can mean alot of gold :nope

If a TECH took off the panels talk to the service manager. its on them.

good luck :cool

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Guest Mindflayer

I hate posting to a topic as old as this, but if your fighting it out with him, this issue may be still going on.

One issue most BMWs have is when you pop the seatbelt and let it swing back, the buckle hits the door panel. Unfortunatly, the door panels are VERY sensitive to this and it causes this gouge. This gouge looks just like someone stuck the tip of a screwdriver into the panel. Check to see if this gouge is right in line of the seat belt buckle.

My wife poped her seat belt the first day I bought a new BMW X3 and gouged the panel. At first it looked like a screw driver gouge and I called the dealer asking about it and they informed me this is a very common condition and referred me to their interiour repair dept. When I called the interior dept, they knew exactly what happened and informed me this is very common, and would wave the repair bill.

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Sorry to hear about this.

But for next time do the work urself this way there's no one else to blame.

I've hevent done a M5 yet but I have done a new 5 series. I did it with the panels on. Only cuz I couldn't get them off.

It was a PITA!

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