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Accord Coupe rear pillar cover removal?

Guest odin

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Hi, I'm getting a annoying rattle from behind the pillar cover where the airbag is.. possibly from after getting windows tinted. I'm wondering how I can take off the cover without breaking anything.


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Guest losdawg

I would call the shop that tnted you car, and ask them if they remove rear decks when they tint the rear glass. If they do, take it back to them and ask them if they can "fix" the rattle. There would be nothing worse than having an air bag blow up in your face if you try it yourself. :hmmm

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Guest ArcticCat

The Honda Accord Coupe has this rattle before tinting. The rear cover rattles against the metal beneath it, and can be temporarily fixed by putting some styrofoam inbetween the two layers, just by putting a piece through one of the holes accessible through the trunk. Not sure if the dealer can fix this problem, still waiting to see about mine.

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