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Guest Diamond Tints

The guy with the lambo will get busted in no time with tint on the windscreen, anyway what size is the windscreen and how the PhU(|< did you manage to climb in with it, thing I always wondered when doing a windscreen was with all the water running behind the dash :poke:bat looks good anyway :poke

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the car is in malaga , spain, not sure what the tint laws is, but I see lots with very dark all round over there. I get blue tissue and twist it like a rope and line it up along the bottom of the screen.stops most of the water, this one was a bit tricky caue the screen was at a sharp angle.

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Why wouldn't you make it worth your while to know the tinting laws? Do you care about your chosen career and its future? :beer

Everything I've seen that relates to European tinting doesn't permit front screen tinting.

Nice effort all the same.


im from Uk, 95% of my work is in the Uk, This car is based in Spain,every other car I see got 23% on the front door drop glasses, he drives it a couple of times a year, he understands the implications, but thats what he wants, thats what he gets.

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