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Biggest PITA ?

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Any and every Corvette known to mankind..... They are all pieces of shiatt !!!! :beer

A couple of weeks ago I did a 85 Vette with 287,000 miles on it. It looked O/K from 20 feet away, but up close what a POS. Whats up with the silver seats, trim and $|-|17? Started it to move it in and whew, shake rattle and roll it was! :duck

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

All gravy all day everyday, why you all hate on GM products after all didn't they give us the chevy beretta and the 1994 and up olds cutlass supreme 4 door ?!?!?!?!?


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Guest samo2000

I don't think there still around , but those amc PACER'sused to make you wanna commit (harey carey) back in the day we did not shrink we used to stretch with hair dryers- I fruckin hated that shiate!


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