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Kramer goes bezerk

Guest MidcoastMW

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I used to like him but after I saw that I think he is an a55hole, even if he apologized you still dont do that sh|t and he should know better. Im suprised someone didnt go up there and kick his a55. I cant stand him now and used to like signfeld but will never watch it again.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

wow lets flip the script a little bit what if it was a mexican, black, asian or some other race comedian and it was a couple of white guys in the crowd and they got called honkeys crackers or whatever NO ONE would have given it a second thought........................

oh it probably would have been funny then huh? :beer:thumb

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Guest CajunTinter


there's some critic saying that kramer should pay at least $500k for each N word he said that night :thumb

If that's what the critics feel, that's fine; I can respect that... What bothers me is this; If the quote 'N' word is sooooo offensive, and I believe that it is, why aren't these same critics demanding apologies and money from these "hip hop" rappers that market the 'N' word in their music to our youth to make millions of dollars? I have seen a countless number of stories on Michael Richards (Kramer) using this offensive term, but I have yet to see 1 story on ANY 'hip hop' artist that uses this same equally offensive 'N' word in their music.... Extremely hypocritical to say the least IMO... :beer

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