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2006 RAV4 "Check Engine, 4X4,Vsc" lights

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Installed a remote starter in a 'o6 Rav4. Works perfect except the check engine,4x4 and vsc lights would light up. The customer took it to the dealership(you guessed it, the blame is the remote starter) I remove it to see if the lights would come back on and they didn't (was out of the Rav for a week) Used a TKT2(BypassKit.com) the first install. Used a TBK3(key in the box) for the second install. Thinking it was the TKT2 tripping the lights becuase it connects with the ECM. Did the reinstall no check engine.4x4 or Vcs lights. Tested the remote stater on,off, used the key on, off, remote stater on then key (but did not put into gear). The customer comes for it remote starts it (no lights) turns the key on (no lights)and then presses brake and puts it into gear, this is when the check engine,4x4 and Vsc lights come on. I'm totally baffeled now. (It's a good thing that the customer is understanding is willing to bring it back to get fixed) Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

Keysense blue - ignition harness

Notes: Using the status output from the remote start to trigger this wire will disarm the factory alarm

:dunno if you hooked up the keysense or not, I doubt that would have anything to do with it, I'll do some checking tommorow and get back to you.

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