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  1. Weve been using it for about 5 years now. Maxjet seemed to be failing after about 3 years tho they "claim" theyve fixed the issue. Switched to Carbon about 2 years ago and has seemed to be doing ok. Maxcool is pretty solid have a had a few failures here and there. However recently they are having some issues with curling off the glass after install. Been contemplating switching to something else at least for our Ceramic line.
  2. Mclaren 570S Spyder Maxpro Ceramic 15. Doors are awkward black glass rolls down and doesn’t go all the way with top down but all came out nice
  3. ami2loud

    2020 Sonata

    the more of these ive done the more i dislike them haha...yeah new Elantra just as bad and the Kia K5
  4. ami2loud

    2020 Sonata

    Did our first new Sonata today. Comes apart same as always. Front and back edge on roll downs pretty tight but manageable. Added quarters to front door similar to Fusion. All in all not too bad just little time consuming. Sharp cars tho
  5. Had this one in this morning. Brand new 2500 Z71
  6. ive removed several from the Chevy dealer and it usually comes right off with steamer, barely any adhesive left
  7. seen lots of that here in town too. i think most of our dealers have been using one of 3m lines
  8. Ordered some today all 3 rope sizes and the dash towel. cant wait to try them out
  9. 2017 A4 in today and the video method using the pry tool worked great! popped right out
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