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Recently I have started drinking Tequila on ice with a lime. I had no idea how many different kinds there were out there. I have also discovered Heineken light to be a very tastey beer.

Out of all the bottles I have tasted from 20-100 dollars per bottle I have to say that the new Jose Quervo Black Medallion is the best tasteing so far for the money at 19.99 per bottle + zero tax in DE. :beer

Anyone else into the Aguave?

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I work with a guy from Mexico, his family makes thier own...It's the best I'v ever had.

1 shot and it feels like I drank 4 beers..... :beer

Tequilla gets me real stupid ....real fast.... :lol2

I do like the Heineken Lite...It's good beer.

I'm drinkin Modelo right now though... :beer


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Modelo Especial is also my top beer selection :beer

I hear that the mexican's in the past have used it as an after shave. :lol2

I can imagine how that would go over at work :beer "what the hell is that smell?" "Oh that is my Don Julio after shave." :bdog

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I am still into martinis Vodka or Gin doesn't matter. Not the fruity ones like Apple tinis they were in like 6 years ago and I have lost the taste.

I read that green tea is good for you so I have been brewing my own now for six months and drinking the heck out of it. Haven't been sick yet. I just saw an add for Green Tea Leaf Vodka :beer now I can get plastered and stay healthy at the same time. :bdog

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