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07 Passat


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It has been a little while for me to be able to tell you exactly, if you have a pic, send it to me. I can look at it and give you a better idea.

On the drivers door, lift up the control panel, and remove the screws underneath. There is probably one behind the door latch. Just pop the sides as normal.

Be careful, the door latch and lock cables can come loose, make sure they are attached before you put them back together, or you will be taking them back off. :dunno

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I dont think there is a screw behind the latch, but there are I believe three screws underneath the switch cover. I usually start at the front of the switch cover, pry up from underneath, and the whole cover comes up. I cant remember if there are any screws at the very bottom of the panels, but I dont think so. The other doors should be the same way, even though the switch covers are smaller.

We dont get allot of these cars, but we did one a few months ago and I did remove the panels, and they were pretty easy.

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