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How do I price this job

Guest shadytinting

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Guest shadytinting

We just tint a boat yesterday, 2 windows in R20% mirror approx 30"x70" and 4 windows in 5% black approx 22"x20". It took us about 3 hours to do the job, we had alot of scraping and cleaning to do. (2 people) I had to travel from Philadelphia to Long Beach Island about 1:45 min, Gas, Tolls, and Plus I had to close down the shop for the day. I usually don't get into doing anything other then cars & trucks so iam not sure how you mobile guys charge. Please help ASAP. The guy never asked a price before I did the job,

It was also a very nice and expensive boat.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

rounding upwards, you used about 52 sq' of film,had to pay your helper, and fuel costs, How much is your time worth to you? 3 1/2 hrs travel time ( if I read that right) & 3 hours to do the job.

How many cars, could you have done in that time frame of you doing this job, and what would that have made you?

Those are a couple of questions you should answer, and then you will have a general idea of what you should charge.

I know that this is the "standard generic" answer, but it really does all depend on your area and marketplace :lol2

hope that helps out a little bit. :beer

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Guest nautiboi73

I would calculate, your gas, tolls, and just plain vehicle usage (you have to keep it maintained in order to be able to travel).

calculate what it cost you to close down your shop for the hours that you were closed, and your average profit working on a car for the same amount of time.

put that together and you have a invoice.

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Guest Sprinter

all I can say is you lost out on ( with two people tinting ) 6 vehicals back at the shop not to mention the walk ins that needed it tinted that day and right now.

next time some one calls and wants a boat done you will think twice and might even say we don't tint boats or the minimum charge to come out and tint the boat is 650.00 you drive to the shop and I'll show you some samples.

now if you sent Joe out there to tint the boat and you stayed at the shop then you would charge for all the above, tolls gas lunch film labor about 650 dollars. remember that the guy with the boat pays slip fees at I'm guessing anywhere from 1200 to 1500 per month.

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