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Michigan Tint Laws...

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Guest InnovativeTint

Here's a link to Michigan's Tint Laws...Michigan Tint Laws

Anything behind the driver's head can be as dark as you'd like, the front 2 windows you can only have the top 4 inches tinted at 35% VLT, and the same for the windshield, top 4 inches at 35% VLT. :krazy

ANY colored or "reflective" film have been deemed "Illegal" to have, ANYWHERE on the vehicle... :thumb

I personally think these laws suck because many people are afraid to tint their front windows... :lol2

Although, it is NOT illegal for me to tint the windows, it is only illegal for the vehicle to be on the road with them tinted. I have read that in many states the installer can be held responsible, and that is not true here...YET. :lol2

I tint 2 front's all the time, as many as 5+ per day in the summer months. I simply make the customers sign a waiver BEFORE I do the work, that states that we are not responsible for ANY infractions of the law, OR harm caused in ANY shape or form (legally or financially). This way if somebody hurts someone due to tint obstructing their view, they can not come after me. I do refuse to tint windshields darker than 20%... even that is just plain rediculous IMO.

Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?

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