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I couldn't get it...

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Somebody in my local area, tried to tint a saturn, a newer one, with some purple gila tint. Couldn't figure it out said F*ck it and went ahead with a can of black spray paint and did up the all the back windows of the car!!

The interior has overspray all over it, and he has spent the past weeks tearing the glass apart trying to scrape it off.

Got upset again and scraped F*ck you into the glass b/c It was taking too long. So here's this asshat, driving around trying to race other asshats in their "fast" and "furious" cars, with black sh*t all over his windows, with a nice F*ck you scraped into the back window!!

Asshat award of the year. :asshat :p1ss

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Guest BlackOut

Don't laugh at spray on tint

Me mate years ago, in a galaxy far far away took out all the windows and sprayed them with blue tinted laquer. The result was perfecto.

He is a spray painter, though and knew what he was doing.

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