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Guest SundownTint

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Guest SundownTint

Do anyone know how to keep the rear quarters up when the top is down? :rollin:rollin

and any tips for getting to the rear window....uhh im not the smallest in the bizz

any tip would be great


TintGator........Chomp Chomp :twocents

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Guest olletsoc

check this thread in the makes and models section


step by step instruction:

1) open top all the way

2) open glove box

3) press the trunk lid over ride switch

4) within 10 seconds slowly press top down twice

5) within 10 seconds of step 4 hold top up

for the rear window install it with the half way up/down. when the package tray flips up you can drop the film in easy

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Guest SundownTint

Thanx 4 Da tip guyz :lol2 .....but my luck stay late on a FRIDAY night :rollin and no owners manual :lol2

and tha F-N quarters would not stay up. :nono

But the tip on the rear made it the shizzle for install'n :bat

The best thing was the film design with the rolland GX 400 makes it all "Gravy"



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