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MN is trying to change their law!

Guest darkdan

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Guest darkdan

Or at least some people believe so:



Main Points:

1.) Cops are exempt on the backs......like they haven't already been. I've never seen a cop pull over a cop for tint

2.) Dealers can't sell or lease cars illegally tinted.

3.) Rx expire every 2 years. Hey, I've never seen one anyways

4.) I'm still a bit confused about the "first stage" thing. But I think it won't impact me. It's basically excluding factory privacy class. Which, it already does.

Either way MN tinters should email/call/etc their reps and the Governor if you object to the new changes.

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Guest darkdan

A MN tinter sent me this:

To all Minnesota Automotive Window Tinters & new car dealers, used car dealers and Lessors:

Minnesota Bill Pending - S.F. No. 3336

Representative Tony Cormish in the Minnesota House and Senator L.T. Foley in the Minnesota Senate have proposed and passed a bill that would affect your sales.

The statutory provisions would essentially have an impact on the industry in 2 major areas. This bill was attached to a companion bill name: HF3304 for the University of Minnesota grant program established for innovative technology and economic development research, and money appropriated. It appears with 100% yea votes, that little research that was done by our government leaders as to the impact it will have on businesses in Minnesota.

It would be !llegal to apply window film (window tinters) to any vehicles, or for new & used car dealers and Lessors to sell vehicles not in compliance with the proposed changes of Minnesota tinting law. The current wording or lack of it states a vehicle sold in the future will not be able to have an aftermarket window coating (tinting) applied to any of the glass. If a dealer takes in a used or trade-in vehicle that will be titled in M.N., that vehicle must have all window glazing material removed! Even if 50% VLT was applied to the glass as current law allows. It would be !llegal to resell that vehicle. This includes all Trucks, Vans and SUV’s. If it was manufactured without privacy glass, it must be brought back to the original installation that was performed by a first-stage manufacturer!

The bills have been passed by both the Minnesota House and Senate and are being held over until 2009 Session and then go to the Governor to be signed and implemented into law!

We have been window tinting vehicle over 25 years and have found an average of four hours of work is required to remove tint from a 4 door vehicle. Removal of door panels and some times the back seat, deck and molding are also needed. The possibility of damage to the defrost lines are high as much care must be taken during the removal. Many of the chemicals used require a breathing apparatus along with personal protection equipment and concerns of damaging the vehicles interior with use of some chemicals.

Currently, Minnesota Law, although vague (net vs. films percent) allows tinting to be applied to any vehicle as long as it does not drop the visible transmitted light less than 50% + / - 3%.

What can be done?

This bill has been held over until 2009 Session for the Governors singing.

This will impact your business. The employee time, material, and replacement parts of broken interior panels, clips and or the entire window (s) could be scratched / or broken if the removal is done incorrectly.

Below find Names and phone numbers for members who represent your area for the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota State Senate. Also you will find the same information for Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

It is not a law unless we allow it to happen!

The internet site below will direct you by Zip Code to your Minnesota House Representatives & State Senators address, email and phone number.


Contact Governor Tim Pawlenty and Lt. Governor Carol Molnau, please write, phone, fax or e-mail.

Mailing Address: Office of the Governor

130 State Capitol

75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

St. Paul, MN 55155 Telephone: (651) 296-3391

Toll Free: (800) 657-3717

Facsimile: (651) 296-2089

E-mail: tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us

I will paraphrase an article regarding Minnesota Window Tinting Laws.

All current Minnesota “tinting laws” are discriminatory! They single out and adversely affect only those who drive passenger cars. Why is it that our Federal Government allows the privacy glass on vans and SUV’s? I am sure they have thought about Law Enforcement Officer Safety and must have taken that into consideration before allowing the automotive industry to go ahead with privacy glass for the Truck, SUV’s etc.

Are Coupes and Sedans more prone to violence against law enforcement officers than those who operate Multi Purpose Vehicles?

The State of Minnesota denies the vast majority of passengers carriers (cars) with the restriction of just 50% (current law) visible light transmission film coatings on all windows.

If the proposed tinting law goes into affect, passenger cars and tinting of S.U.V’s, C.U.V’s that were not produced with privacy glass will not be allowed any after market protection for the passengers comfort and safety!

The proposed law is for Police Officer safety. I have researched this area and ask all those propionates for the” elimination of filming cars in Minnesota” to show even one incident that related window tinting to a Police Officer injury.

Forty Seven other states Allow window tinting of 50% or darker.

Window tinting Facts! - -20% Window film on SUV’s & CUV’s

41 % Heat reduction in a vehicles (less air-conditioning), which saves gas that equals better miles per gallon and saves money.

79% less glare for the passenger comfort.

99% U. V. protection for passengers and possessions with-in the car.

We are asking to keep the window tinting laws as they are. Fifty percent or even lower and allow vehicles without the expensive up grade privacy glass to have their passengers and vehicles protected!

Voice your concerns to your Representatives and the impact it will have within your businesses and demand a veto of this bill to our Governor Pawlenty!

Sincerely yours,

Diane Calaguire (Custom Window Tinting)

Keith Geisen

403 Knollcrest Ave. Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

56501 (218) 846-2585

Diane – sebringjxi@arvig.net

Keith – genscrub@arvig.net


The truth be told, any vehicle without privacy glass or window tinting is a miserable form of transportation. The current tinting law does provide protection for vehicles. The cost to the automotive industry in Minnesota will be considerable if these changes are signed into law!

Last year our local law enforcement requested tint on their K9 squad car. The officer was concerned for the dogs comfort in the heat of summer. We donated our time and material to address the officers concern.

When do humans count?

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Guest darkdan

Actually, the law is changed. The governor signed it April 28th, 2008.

Looks like very limited dealer work from now on.

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