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Jethro and Willie

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So Willie moved out to the country( well, further out anyway). As he was unpacking boxes and such, someone

knocked on the door.

"HI! I'm Jethro, your neighbor. The next house across the holler over there. Just wanted to say Hi

and invite you ta my party Friday night!"

Willie responds " Hey great to meet ya! A party sounds like just the ticket after all this work"

Jethro tells him " Hey, but I gotta warn you about my parties... There's alot of loud music,

heavy drinking, dirty dancing, fighting lots of fights, oh and s*x! You won't believe the how

much bonin' happens at my parties!"

Willie says " A wild night! I'm in! What should I wear?"

Jethro replies " O, wear what you want. It'll probably just be the two of us."


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Guest goldtooth

Guarantee you willie slammed the door in his face after that and moved :lol2

:lol2:lol2:lol2:lol2 I thought I knew those guys better, I guess I was wrong :lol2


:thumb:jerkit yeah MOVED in with him :lol2:jerkit:thumbdown

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