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Hi from Queensland Australia

Guest adriank

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Guest adriank

Hi Im Adrian from QLD Australia

My wife and I have a residential window cleaning business

We offer a full service type business clean the glass, frames, screens and repair any damaged screens ect.......

I have been doing some research on the green deal and how people want to save energy (me included lol) and found WT is benifcial to saving energy in homes

So my wife and I have been discussing the idea of adding WT to our business

I have watched a couple of videos on flat glass installation, I don't think that it is a real big learning curve!! You guys might like set me right on this LOL

Also I don't have a shop as I work from home now. But!! I if I need to lease one there is plenty around

The main advantages of having a shop that I can see other than administration & floor sales is it would give me a place where the film can be handeled and cut to size ect rather than the customers home. Is this right?

As for sales alot of our new window cleaning is canvassed door to door and I figured while the customer was getting a quote for cleaning we could add a quote for tinting as well or visa-versa

I know a tinting job includes a full window clean.

Any way I would really appreciate any addvice you guys and girls might have for us

Thanks Adrian

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