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ok I figured it out, I had the database only showing 30 users ata time and you were user #31, all I had to do was read :drevil

you are all hooked up bro!

avatar and post count :drevil

tell TTC to get her arse in here! :lol

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She's Back....LOL

Did you all miss me? Sorry it has been so long, but we have been busier than a 1 legged man in an A$$ kickin' contest! AND....it was sooo hard to log in I let Mr P be the ginny pig. We've had a hot summer this year all over the country, and it is starting to dry out in most places. I am surprised the board has been as busy as it has been! The new board will take some getting used to for me, but I'll try! Just for you TD!

Let me give a shoot out to my boys...FX, OT, MD, TD 8) ! Oh, s**t I forgot someone...and Gus!


TTC :thumb

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