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05 mercedes pic's


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wont pull glass, customer can have it removed. just like a mustang convertable, no back seat, much better. both of the convertables have that tab at the bottom of glass, tucked the film 1/4" tab was 1 5/8, shaving rear roll ups over lapping top, down to last 2", dont like getting to low, f/doors, triming top front, and bottom rear. feathering where I want to shave and where not to shave. prepping f/doors and back glass. tinting back glass first dropping the top, tinting f/doors, give time to set. prep, and tint r/vents and heat them in, I let the front doors set for 30 mins before heating, f/doors done to fast, the film will curl. giving some TLC. after the glass is heated 15mins taking 10 min's shaving f/doors & r/vents. 30$ shaving 2/door, 50$ shav 4/doors, 40$ convertables. mustang, shaved doors takes 2 hrs. standard tint 75 min's

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