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09 A4 door panels


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I usually remove panels/gaskets on every car I work on. if you do these gaskets come out similar to the old ones like mercedes. remove the two screws behind the silver accent panel then pull the top over and back towards you. pretty straight forward and decently easier then the previous models. the new models dont have the felt covered window seals either :krazy

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Guest tint325i

2009 59 plate A4 door panels- remove silver trim at top by flicking out from rear, remove 2 torx screws from behind, remove L-shaped trim under arm rest by flicking out from the rear remove 2 torx screws from behind, 1 more torx screw right at bottom of door, then its just the usual vw/audi style clips all the way round, use a panel clip puller fork to pop each clip individually, dead easy no problems at all -NO CLIPS FLYING ANYWHERE, ITS AN AUDI NOT A FIAT!!!

front door trim removal is exactly the same as the rear

rear headrest removal- you will need a very small flat screwdriver to push in little hole on the side of the hole in seat top, you need to do it twice as the headrest is raised, again dead easy no problems

also the c-pillar covers at the side of rear screen are held on by 2 clips at the top, simply pull to remove if you want a little more acces to the edges


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