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ok, what size rolls for sunstrips

Guest cartek

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I am thinking about ordering a roll of 60in film and having it cut for sunstrips only.

should I get 5 12in rolls or 6 10in rolls.

I am thinking 6 10" one, and in the rare occaision I need a larger one I can use my 22in roll.


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Guest Tuff_Tint

if I need to sunstrip, usually just use the 30" roll on the back glass and with the left over sunstrip from that....9/10 times the back glass isnt big enough to use the 30 on unless its a decent sized sedan, any 4wd's or hatchs leave plenty of room for the strip with the use of the 30" as the back glass

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10 should be just fine. Does anyone else just make that back glass/ piece from the top or bottom work for a strip?

yes I use 40inch rolls 30 for most back glass then 10 left for the visor

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