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I have been using a cheap suction cup to pull auto windows around for a good while now and thought this might make a good tip of the week.

I know it is pretty simple and that there are a lot of you that do this too....not meant to be rocket science or anything just something to think about for the newer guys.

This suction cup was bought at Tractor Supply for $5 or so. I have seen them at auto parts stores, hardware stores, and body supply stores. I was doing a commercial job and the glass guys were pulling out a large tempered dual pane glass. They were short one suction cup for a bit of extra control and they actually used this one.....I wouldn't use it to move glass, but for a good solid grip....

I use this for when a door glass is shifting and you want to really get that film tucked in to where you will not see a light gap. I also just used it to pull out on a back door 1/4 window on a 2006 Mercedes 320? The rubber was out on the back corner of the glass and I was having a hard time getting it carded out...just enough relief to get a corner card back there with the cup and a pull....



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It's a great tip just for the fact that your suction cup saved a lot of money. I bought mine from Somaca and it was about 60 dollars and is the less expensive model. Granted mine is what glass guys use and can hold a really heavy load but thats not really necessary for what we do. :tantrum

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yeah....I had a chance to get a rebuilt "pro" suction cup but I don't see a need for it with just tinting....

I can say this $5 jewel will hold a whole lot of suction. I put it onto a steel door at home at chest height, grabbed a hold of it, and pulled it as hard as I could with leaning back pretty hard. It did not let go. I weigh in at 220lb....so that is not too shabby for a cheap tool.

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