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Seems it's closed to final. May be people remeber that I am making my website as long as I am at TintDude. My start was borrowing some pictures from TintDude.Com - now I am happy that people borrow from me. Most funny borrowing I find at LluLlu dealer in Trinidad website :bingo

But - time is going, DARTZ is growing. Funny-drunken-ass team became nail in some asses :spit - and hope this nail will grow.......

So here is some screenshots of website which - I hope - will be finally launched next week.......

Here is ContactZ page I like it more than others:


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Looks great Leo! You have the best sample book in the industry IMO so now you work on website :gasp

Website MUST BE DONE - 5 (!!!) YEARS I AM DOING IT.....

Blog is working....But it's a little but boooooooby :gasp

You don't saw my new one sample book- it will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

THAT will be kick. As this will be unseen sample book :gasp

But I am very proud to hear that previos is so good FROM SUCH PROFESSIONAL LIKE YOU. Really!

Here is part called DARTZ - company history, activities and so on....


And part BANKZ - bank equipment - bullet/burglarresistant and so on


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Guest StreetsAheadWindowTinting
Leo can you send a couple of sample books to Vladimir at 1B in Kiwiland, one for me.

Cheers Leon

I sent him a lot, but OK - will send more :dunno

I only have one old shipping damaged book here.

Thanks Leo


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