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Three's Company

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So I drive out to my 10 AM appointment to discover that the homeowners are three trans gender guys/gals.

Older guys/gals with long hair and boob jobs - -but- -deep voices and no makeup.

All three wearing skirts or dresses.

Now I am a consummate sales pro. Been selling off and on since 1974- -BUT THIS WAS A FIRST.

Straight faced I went through the motions as "Wendy" and "Teresa" argued about how shiny the film should be to give them privacy. I bite my tongue 'cause this an obvious reason why they want to block views!

I knew being a window film dealer would be different than corporate life at 3M - -but nothing prepared me for this! :D

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Guest vclimber
:boogie Did you get the sale?

It's pending. .

I might have to be flexible. . . :D

:spit If you do have to be "flexible" please don't tell us... the rest of the story.

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