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Disgruntled Customer of another shop nearby


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I just had this guy come by who had this Impala tinted at another shop nearby. The poor guy was aggravated to say the least because he says he was stood up twice when he tried to have it fixed and the tint guy wasn't there when he said he would be. It's hard to believe that any shop would let this leave their shop. Anybody, including me, can make a mistake but this is about as bad as I have ever seen. The kicker is the customer only payed $50 less than if he would have brought it to me to begin with and admited the tint job was not even worth $20 to him. I feel bad for the guy that he got taken and the other shop won't make it right. Unbelievable! :beer:lol2


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holy crap, thats horrible..... rip it off and take it back to them for a refund...or that willl more then likely "Void the warranty" if there really was any to begin with.

I wonder if their motto is, "If it wont shrink, crease it!"

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Guest tint325i

why rip it off then take it back? surely you would take it back with the film still entact so they can see exactly what your not happy with? although its pretty obvious in this case, I know I wouldnt entertain a warranty on a car that the customer had ripped the film off of

and yes that is shocking, to think I ripped the back glass off an accord today for a tiny bit of contam behind the brake light

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Guest scottydosnntkno
"Oh those crease will go away, just let it dry." :dunno

if I get a really small crease (like 1/2" or less, very slight) in a back glass, I tell the customer wait 4-5 days for it to full dry, and if the film doesn't tighten up and it goes away, and then push it down with their finger nail. 9 times out of 10 it completely disappears, and everybody is happy.

now THOSE creases, they'll only look worse when it dries :lol

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The bad thing is he probably went with the other guy because he was $50 cheaper :dunno

Pretty much, I had to do that today to a guy trying to get me to price match a shop that was $70 cheaper on their metalized than me. The other shop I always hear horror stories about, so I apologized that I know what our work is worth to me. He said don't you want to be competitive? I just told him we are a small shop, we offer a great product, great install, great customer service and we feel competitive enough, and we have more than enough work on the schedule so good luck with the other shop and bid him good day. Some people just aren't worth dealing with.

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