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Looks like it is a Uscutter.. It is a Roland knockoff, but will definatley do it job cutting film. But you're going to need to purchase tint blades for it. Because if they send you blades, they will be vinyl blades... Just a heads up on that machine. It might stutter on you at higher speeds. So keep knocking the speed down until you get it down to a speed where it wont stutter. other than that you will be fine.

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Guest scottydosnntkno
Never worked with one of those, but stick with that Uscutter and you will be fine!

:dunno I have a USCutter and love it. Yeah, it can't cut 24ips and will freeze up if you try, but if you're not in a hurry thats not a problem. I usually run mine at 4/8ips depending on how big the design I'm cutting is, and have no issues whatsoever. Granted, I use mine for vinyl, not tint, but I'm sure the same rules would apply.

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