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2010 BMW X5


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I recently took delivery of my 2010 X5 in jet black. I wanted to put tint on the front 2 windows so as to match the privacy glass as closely as possible. The rear privacy glass is relatively light, somewhere in the 30-35% range so I decided I would shoot for 35% tint. The real question was what brand. I have used formula one and lumar ATR ch in the past. I know the Formula one would not match, it was very grey, and my new tint shop doesnt tint Llumar. He mostly tints with SolarGard HP ch (a metalized film) he said this would be a sufficient match. Needless to say after waiting 2 weeks for it to completely dry it still does not come close to matching, it is very "metallic" looking.

I am not complaining about my tint shop and I don't seek to get a refund or anything like this, but I am shopping around to find another film that will match better. So far I have heard Llumar ATC or Suntek HP. My concern with the Llumar ATC is that it will fade because it is dyed but I have heard it is a great match. My concern with the Suntek is it is a metalized film and I will end up with the same problem as with the Solargard HP.

What is everyone's opinion? Any other films to consider? Thanks.

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