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Guest tintsurfer

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Don't pay any attention to them and they will go away. I suggest that to some of my customers as well when they ask me that same question.

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to be honest with ya when I hear about em there allready gone. at least nine out of ten times. but occasionaly I hear the infamous. well I got a price from this guy. and if ive never heard of him then I know he is a new guy. so I just explain to the customers how it is and how he can be so cheap. then simply say you can save yourself a few bucks. or you can get it done right. as far as residential the customer can tell the difference when the see the truck pulling up. and the way the guy talks.a new guy has no professionalism

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Guest tintsurfer

We've started to focus more on getting our name out there through sponsorships, community involvement and associations. Most of our competition is our former employees who think they can bring us down. :lol

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Guest tintchick

the fly by night companies take care of themselves,,don't worry about them,,if people want to take their crappy film and low price I say go ahead,,they always end up regretting it in the end 8)

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