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Question on reverse rolling

Guest BAD60FT

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Guest BAD60FT

I have been reading alot of people are using the reverse rolling method for doing the rear window, how do you roll it up do you use a rubber tube or just roll the film up by itself, also when you peal the liner back on one side do you peeel the liner back half way and apply the slip soulution then do the other side so 100% of the tint has the slip solution on it. I was reading the how to section here and it shows only the outside edges have the solution on it, if this is case does the center of the tint stick when installing

what are you suggestions ??

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Guest tintsem

Same here, but I squeegee back over the film to get some of the water out before I roll it, it helps to keep the liner from sliding around.

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Guest metint

Split Reverse Roll Steps

1. Cover the back deck with a drop cloth to minimize potential contamination from the deck?s fibers.

2. With your heat formed and trimmed-to-fit pattern placed on your workstation, carefully peel back the release liner from one side halfway across.

3. Hold onto the liner with one hand and with the other spray the exposed adhesive with your mounting solution

4. Allow the liner to fall back onto the film into its original position.

5. Repeat the procedure on the opposite end of the pattern. Be careful not to pull the liner off any farther than the halfway point or the point where the adhesive has already been saturated.

6. Once the entire adhesive surface has been saturated with mounting solution and the liner returned to its normal position on the film, lightly spray the top-side of the liner as well.

7. Beginning at one end of the pattern, carefully roll the film up into a tube about 1? in diameter, with the liner to the inside.


9. Begin rolling the other edge of the film toward the middle, in the same fashion. (You should now have two tubes of film, joined by a band of film in the middle. See the adjacent diagram, showing the end-view of the tubes).

10. Slit the liner up the middle between the two tubes by sliding your Olfa knife between the liner and the film, as if slitting open the skin of a wet fish. The sharp edge of the knife should be cutting upwards, away from the film surface below. (Usually, there will already be a ridge of liner lifted away from the underlying wet film, allowing you to easily insert the Olfa blade.)

11. Upwrap the liner several inches and roll it onto the tubes as indicated by the arrows in the accompanying diagram. The liner should readily cling to the outer surfaces of these tubes.

12. As you unroll the tubes, the liner will be stripping itself away from the adhesive surface. But wait to do this until after you?ve positioned yourself in the back window of the vehicle.

13. After performing recommended glass surface preparations, you are now ready to enter the vehicle with your film.

14. Lightly and uniformly mist the entire inner surface of the glass with mounting solution.

15. Unroll the tubes away from each other to provide enough exposed clearance for the rear brake light.

16. Lay up center portion of film onto the center portion of the glass, and continue the unrolling process until pane is covered.

17. Carefully remove the liner pieces from the film?s SR surface and dispose of them properly.

18. Immediately begin to position the film to its intended point on the glass and squeegee with the appropriate high durometer tool. If necessary, lifting the film off the matrix or frit area will help in the positioning of your pattern, returning it to that surface only after the rest of the film has been positioned. Dot matrix material in rather ?grabby? and tends to hinder the free-floating motion of the film needed for good final positioning.

Courtesy of LLumar


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Guest Chicks Tinting


This is pretty simple .

1 After the piece has been shrunk. place your piece on your wall mounted Cutting board.

2. Peel one side back about half way and spray with the slip soultion.

3. Place the liner back over the piece to protect the film from dust.

4. Go to the other side peel back and spray. replace the liner

The film should be fully wet under the liner.

5. Now depending on if your right or left handed or the way you like to set your film

6. Roll the film up , (no I dont use pvc or a stick. those are great for flat glass installs not cars), Tight and as straight as you can be careful not to crease the film here. you must leave some not rolled up to work with.

7. Get in the Car, Spray the window and I place the left side and pull to the right.

8 Pull the liner back and place the exposed film on the glass. the pre- released liner will come off easly and float itself on to the glass. try to not touch the glass with the release liner as this will remove the water and possibly contanimate the glass.

9. You now have the film on the glass wet and can move it into position.

I hope this helps you


The Chicks

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Guest sdtintin

wen I reverse I shrink etc n trim on the outside of the screen then I pull the liner etc n wet film then I pul the other side leaving a couple of inches in the middle that doesnt get wet then roll n get in da car I soak the screen n unroll etc same as every1 else works for me :lol

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Guest Tint Wiz

When reverse roll leave film on back window of car but wash film off first then peel back half way wet place liner back then do second half same then use back window to roll film into tube :cool but make it tight as possiable so it doe`s not flop around good luck :hump

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