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Vinyl on BG Question

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So I did a 2009 Maxima tonight and on this model, the dot matrix is pretty large and the dots are very close together so I suggested we tint up to the dots and then apply black vinyl.

Since this will be my first time doing this I have a few questions...1st, should I apply the vinyl to the inside or outside of the glass? I would like to put it on the inside to make it look cleaner but not sure if you will see a line from the outside where the tint ends and the vinyl begins due to the height difference of the vinyl going over the very top of the tint and if I put it on the outside, not only does it look unfinished to me, but then it will fade over time as well.

If I do put it on the inside, do I just spray the adhesive side with my slip to get in position and then squeegee out?

Sorry I'm a noob, haven't done this yet.

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First of al,l I would like to say that I never tinted 2009 Maxima, as I am in Europe.

And first question will be: Why dont you use Elmer glue gel?

Cut film at the top of Bg, as close as you can to a defroster line.

Take the film that you just cut and use it as a guidance for cutting the vinil part.

Apply vinil on inside. To Oracal or 3M vinil, the glue is thicker enough to cover your cutting part.And give it some heat.

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Guest tintmax

I vinyl the inside as well. Just use to film you cut off as a template for your vinyl. Wet the adhesive side and apply away. Slight bit of heat will tiddy things up as well.

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That must have been an Altima coupe, which has about 4" of matrix dots at the top. The sedan has only an inch at the very top and it always lays down with a little scrubbing with sandpaper and a bit of heat afterwards.

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Guest toeknee22

ya most definatly on the inside, usually i use a scrap piece of clear protective cover to make my template on the outside of bg and transfer to vinyl and like everyone else said use a little slip and press out. i was really surprised on how the line was really not noticable.

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