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Anyone have the hookup on wheels??

The ///Man

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get weds again

They only have one wheels even close to my fitment and I don't really like it, all the ones I like are the wrong offsets or no 5x100. Now you are in cali, maybe you can find me some tc-005 5x100 +32mm offset, I've tried all over and can't. They've been discontinued for a while.

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I am sure you have a vendor liscence. Find a distributor and set up an account. I did the same when I wanted wheels. Wholesale is better than paying retail. Who knows you may start selling them and making some money, you can even order them mounted and balanced. I only wanted wheels for me but discovered there is some money to be made. I will say that it some times can be a hassle.

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i just dropped off my bbs rs's to get a full refinish. they 5x100 but only 16s. they for my GTI

ill look those up for you

Size for the Weds were 17x8 +32mm

The TSW are 18x8 +35mm

Lots of guys starting to put on the BBS RS, just not my style. Here my old neon on some BBS wheels 16"


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