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Does anyone use the TTC method for back glass?


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You know, where you peel the liner on the back glass, spray the tint, fold over the sides into the middle, position the tint at the bottom of glass and unfold. I was thinking about using this technique for chargers, but I'm worried about contamination. Is this just a lazy way of tinting large back windows, or are the results good? I know about the reverse roll method too, but it seems like a pain. Here's a video for anyone not familiar with the technique.

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use it all the time, except on the challenger with the third brake light dingo up there, reverse roll for that

TTC fold always comes out super clean, have a charger tomorrow morning so ill let you know

This is off topic, but do you ever have problems losing those clips when pulling the brake light down on the challenger? I've gotten pretty good at it, but it seems impossible not to lose one every once in a while. They're clipped so hard to the body, but slide off the brake light so easily.

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i need to try it though

quick tip, hose......... the...... crap out of it. never had a problem with it sticking once folded but you know its the end of the film if you do. so that will take car of that

next, fold and drag down to the truck lid, then turn around and pick up the sides near the bottom.

then when you are in do your best to center it as you lay it on the deck

grab a top corner near you and start unfolding then grab a little below the middle point as you do to help it.

unfolded... put it up near the bottom and start sliding it down the glass

im sure youve got it from there, just a few things ive found to make it go smoother

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