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"Lift & Pull"

Guest forbees

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Guest forbees

i've seen this term on the forum a few times when it comes to harder cars . . .

someone needs to explain it briefly because if it's the technique i'm thinking of, it causes ALOT more problems then it helps, and ppl are treating it like a godsend

when i first started tinting i had someone show me the lift and pull - or what i think it is - on an older Camero. yeah, when it was all done the film fit on the outside of the glass weel, but bringing it into the inside mean i had to re-lift&pull WHILE i was hanging it, giving me alot of dirt and crease problems.. so then i thought . . . why not just shrink it?!

30min start to finish i get camero back windows now.

but this technique i thought was only for reverse curved back windows, and now i just saw people saying to use it for a vw bug, which seems counter productive. with the right film a vw bug will shrink just like any other window

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