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2011 fiesta kickin my butt!


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you are shrinking the Film on the outside of the BG before trying to install the film aren't you. :dunno

If you are wet shrinking you might readup on dry shrinking. Alot of the thicker films do not like to wet shrink all that well. Besides once you learn how to dry shrink you want have much use for wet shrinking anymore. Maybe the curved door glass from time to time. I dry shrink every BG that come in the shop. :beer

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Guest Malcolm E Boo
as the title says this little thing is giving me hell with the bg. its the 4 door not the hatch. anyone else have any problems??

They are dead easy.

Explain in greater detail what you are doing as it would appear that there is a fundamental error with your technique.

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of course I'm shrinking on the outside haha. but yes I am wet shrinking. I did an accord bg earlier today no problem. easiest $$ I've ever made.

Every time I get to about the last 2 inches of the finger it starts to shrink as if I am shrinking a finger horizontal.

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