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not easy to say goodbye

Guest Film Maverick

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Guest Film Maverick

I wanted you for life

you and me in the wind

I never thought there'd come a time

that our story would end

it's hard to understand

but I guess I'll have to try

it's not easy to say goodbye

For all the joy we shared

all the time we had to spend

now if I had one wish

I'd want forever back again

to look into your eyes

and hold you when you cry

It's not easy to say goodbye

I can remember all those great times we had

there were so many memories

some good some bad

yes and through it all

these memories will last forever

there's peace in where you are

may be all I need to know

and if I listen to my heart

I'll hear your laughter once more

and so I've got to say

I'm just glad you came my way

It's not easy to say Goodbye


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Guest Film Maverick

Thanks FX,

I did that last night and am feeling the effects from it today.

It's helps big time to just hang with the homies though :lol6

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