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aussies with plotters

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Been looking into this myself TTB, I contacted Solar Gard regarding their Computer Cut software thinking I may consider it for Auto, Flat and PPF etc. Seems a bit on the pricey side for non Solar Gard users. I would be interested to know what you come up with mate.

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I was lucky to find a mate over your way that helped me get started earlier this year. Check out my web page in the Gallery section if this is the sort of stuff you are looking to get into.

Give me a buzz and I can let you know his contact details.

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thanks ash...just curious..where are you getting your coloured films for custom work for......i could order from "protint" but they don't have a huge range of colour's etc.... just booked myself into a class with avery in two week's...buzzing to get some new knowledge into my noggin.

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Thanks Dev. and ash.... i'll call these guys for some samples,i have already sourced the guys at grange but the heads up on the film is great !!!!! :poke

You can also contact Grant Newham from "Glass Film Distribution" in Sydney as they have lots of film and vinyls for our industry.

Ph 1800 003456

Bought some watter ripple film them only last week and it looks fantastic and the client loved it...their choice.


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