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i`m a car enthusiast....this car is my baby...

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what do you guys think when a customer says this? first thing I want to do is tell him to get lost, because I dont want to get caught up in their "@nal" world and be part of it. it just blows my mind when people call their cars their "baby" :lol I have had plenty of damn nice cars and not once did I call it my baby, guess I dont get it......makes me wonder sometimes how these type people can stand the thought of their tires contacting the road and getting dirty :lol personally I would have to wrap them in trash bags and drive on them, then take the bags off when I get where I am going so people could see them :lol I actually say one guy on another car forum detail his car and wrap the whole front end in plastic wrap so it wouldnt get "dirty" when he drove it to the car show :lol6 he could just unwrap it and WALLA! show time :lol6 people talking about jacking their car up and washing underneath it (the chassis) these are the same people that have to touch the door nob 50 times to get that "just right feel" before they can open it and walk out the door :lol6

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Guest Sprinter

I here you mike, laoud and clear.........have had a few nice vehicles all custom and yes never called them my baby. these people put to much into it for sure, its transportation and thats it does'nt matter if it's a yugo or a lamborgini it still gets you to point b. it's nicer and looks cool gose faster but that it, still keeps you from getting wet from the rain.

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Guest thetintshop

a true car enthusiast will never make the statement "I'm a car enthusiast". so anyone who does is probably a complete dickhead.

if you own a 2003 mustang, YOU ARE NOT a car enthusiast. if you have a completely restored 47 dodge coupe, 62 gmc pick up, and a 74 camaro, then you are a car enthusiast. a true car enthusiast can see the beauty in even the ugliest of vehicles.

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these fools that told me they were enthusiast, just bought this 2002 gt used :lol6 and brought it over to have it tinted, after I tinted it they said they noticed a couple scratched way down below the rear quarter panel, I called bs because I double cut those quarters off the driver side, I wasnt even over there :lol6 the guy called monday I tinted it on a friday, and said he was a "car enthusiast" and that scuff mark wasnt there before, this guy called every day for a week, he finally stopped.

matter of fact the car I have been using is some pics to show vinyl matrix is the carmustangmatrix3.JPG I busted my ass to give this person the best I could do, then they pull this crap.

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Guest Braud Spectrum

If they act all persnickity right off the bat you could almost bet they'll be looking for something to be screwed up. I'm so nervous the whole time I'm tinting it worrying something really will happen.

But.... let me do be doin' a tint out of the kindness of my heart...something's gonna get broke for sure! Never fails :lol6

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Guest S and S

I had this happen!!! I did a 03 Altima and they guy was back like an hour after he left and noticed a scratch on the roof of the car and the back passenger side fender!!! I told him, since I had no proof that I didnt do it, other than my word against his, that they could be buffed out, he is taking it tomorrow to a friend of mine to have it buffed!!! He came back talking all this shiznet about how it was brand new and they were there before!! The car was nasty when he brought it!!! Oh Well!!!!!!!!

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Guest Chicks Tinting

I have a policy , I walk every car with the customer. And ask point blank do you have any scatches or dents and I can allways find a few. Even a wax swirl to a picky guy counts.This disarmes the owners. they know they have strached and door dings. But they wont be pinning it on my shop. I write it on the invoce and make them initial.I have a spot for " pervious damage on car"

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