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knifeless tape

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any one used this tape yet. looks like it might be easier to do racing stripes in stead of computer cutting and premasking ?

I have used it and we carry it at Zola Tools. It works great for doing exactly what you are asking about. I have a couple of videos up on our site for you to check out too. Let me know what you think. It is a cool product and can be a real time saver.


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Guest kccartint

Its fine with thicker wrapping vinyls like 3M 1080 or Oracal 970ra. Still not clean like a knife but will pass in most cases. Your normal cast material like Oracal 651 or 751 and similar will not cut clean. It just tears through the film leaving a rough edge. Nothing close to a knife cut.

Like in that video, the carbon films seem to cut best with this tape. A long ruler and table or plotter is better suited.

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