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3m digital designs with a mimaki

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hey all,


Im currently trying to get my mimaki cg 130fx II plotter to work. its brand new and im trying to run the 3m digital designs program off of it. I have installed all drivers and everything looks correct then when I go to cut my 3m program follows through and runs the cutting process as if information has been sent to my plotter and the plotters seems like it doesn't receive the information.


Has anyone had this problem before ? if soo what was your solution to fix it.



thanks for the help


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I dont have that program or plotter, but iv'e had similar problems before. Somewhere in the options, i had the plotter connecting to the wrong portal. I believe its called Com 1, com 2, ect. Try those different options. once I got the right one (com 4) it worked.

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