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3M Scotchgard

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Hey guys,


I have Suntek currently on my truck, have had it replaced twice and they can not get it to stick on my bumper, edges keep peeling off and looks like crap! Have had two different shops do it, and also noticed after a highway trip the rocks did a number to the film, Ive decided to replace it with 3M Scotchgard as I had that on my last truck 4 years ago and it looked as good the day I traded it in as the day it was installed, regret putting the suntek on!


My question is Im looking for the "toughest" film, as sure the suntek film looks awesome, but my experience is it doesn't have the strength of my old 3M, I was at a local shop and she said if Im looking for the strongest film that she recommends the not "pro" series as it has held up on previous vehicles they have done for a extremely long time with no rock chips, she says the newer "pro" series will not hold up as well especially in the freezing cold of Canada as the "clear coat" or "top coat" doesn't tend to stay as soft in the cold.


Look for your guys take, would you go original? Any experience in durability or toughness against road abuse? And any difference in the adhesive? 


I have a area of a matte finish I want to get some film applied to as well and she said 3M doesn't make any matte ppf, for matte stuff the use a XPEL matte ppf, any advice on toughness of that film and adhesive strength?


Thanks guys!


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Ps we completely covered a current Dodge Ram in Suntek without issues and there aren't many vehicles tougher than that:)


I can't figure out how to post the image without uploading it to another website, but its the bumper that keeps peeling, and the second guy that did it was who suntek sent me to when I complained about warranty and said I wasn't going back to the original guy ...... Just not happy with the adhesion or the strength against rock chips! 

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Well as Icant see pictures I can only give you my experience

Statistically I see no level of failure on Suntek that is any worse than any other film

We have been doing this for 14 years and cut our teeth on Scotchcal.

Of course there is always the possibility of a rogue batch (seen that on every film).

However not seeing issues at a statistically significant level on this film.

There are a number of reasons for lift somethat could bethe film but others that are installer or even otter related.

Any and every film can show cosmetic issues from an impact of sufficient enough force.

The vast majority are cosmetic and only a very small percentage make it through the film.

Hopefully you can get your installer to sort it out and put the job right for you.

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