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SolarFX Window Films---Free Samples

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Are you ready to try your next film brand? We have 8 automotive series of films to choose from, as well as commercial/residential/flatglass films. We have banners, displays, literature, tshirts, energy drinks, tint tools, and much more!!


Call 800-825-3746 to get a sample. Our samples are always free with free shipping (excluding Ceramic)! Call today to speak with one of our 7 sales reps. Where customer service always comes first. 

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i have been using solar fx for 3 months now,all i can say is WOW amazing product and i have been in the tint industry for 30 years and have tried everything.from customer service to the product itself its all top knotch!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt be happier

FEEL THE FX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Pro Window Tint

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