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Universal tinting in El Paso TX

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Hello, been following the forum and wanted to ask a question. I was looking to get Huper Optik on my truck, but where I live, Albuquerque, NM, there are no installers per their website.


I found an installer in El Paso TX, but they don't post pics of their work that I can find. His price wasn't bad compared to the Colorado installers, but since I'm driving to spend the day, I didn't want to drive there if there were any bad reviews out there.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!







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They have good reviews and a few photos on FB.  Unfortunately there are plenty of tint shops that don't post photos which I have never understood.  Sounds like your only option though...personally wouldn't drive 8+ hours round trip for window tint, but to each their own.
Thank you! I was thinking the same thing and if I did, was going to see some family in the area also. I can get pinnacle formula one locally, and maybe wincos if the Mercedes dealership is still an installer. Thanks again!
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