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shrinking metal film?

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I'm starting to find metal film much easier to shrink then dyed!!

Doesn't shrink as fast or crease up easy!!Plus I can shrink

two times the fingers!!I know it's sound like the other way around

..But does anyone else choose metal over dyed for shrinking!!

I'm thinking about discontinuing dyed maybe just 35% for matching

the factories (SUV)!!

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I'm starting to get used to shrinking them. I used to be strictly a dyed film guy, cause I used to work for a lowballer shop, but now we use metalized film and 3M color stable, the metal is definitely a different animal, and I am used to it now, but the 3M CS is something different entirely, it is thin like a dyed film, but it doesnt shrink like a dyed film. It will take alot of heat, so much that the liner will blister during the "joe" pull shrink, but the edges wont take any heat at all, it will just melt and curl, so I've had to adjust my technique a bit. After I shrink it all, (dry shrink with sizer) I'll move a pocket of air right to where the edge of the frit is and shrink that bubble so that it is tight, intead of cuttin the film after the shrink and forcing fingers up then heating them out.

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Guest Tint Wiz

Mostly dyed film`s customer`s won`t pay extra for metal and it takes longer as you said but metal is better on some car`s as they need more heat than other`s :shiz

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