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Ceramic Tinting Film Leaving Marks That Look Like Scratches

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I have been tinting for over a month now. and have only been using ceramic film. I took a course that used straight carbon film, so I didn't run into this problem until after my training. 


Typically on almost every car I tint, if you have a bright light (the sun) shining through the window, while you are in the car you can see these tiny little lines that look like scratch marks. They are creases it seems in another layer of the film.... You would never see it from outside of the car, only when it is very bright and you are looking from inside the vehicle. . They come up wherever the film gets slightly pinched or crinkles a little on itself? The film seems to fragile to me, that the slightest hiccup tucking the film causes these marks. When I rub them with my finger, I feel nothing and can't get them to go away.I tried to take a picture of this with my phone, but they are too faint for my phone to pick them up. Has anyone ran into this problem? Is there a way to fix these? I am using Geoshield APEX.


All my front windshield and back windshields turn out fine, its only when I do windows. 


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What you are describing sounds like handling creases from packing the edges in. Ceramic films are pretty ridgid and don't like to be folded at all when tucking. For the side glass I would recommend putting a drop of soap on the seals after cleaning the gaskets to reduce the friction on the way in and also pulling the bottom sweep or removing the door panel altogether, sliding in the pattern in one step (top loading). If it really is scratching you might switch over to Global. That film has about the hardest scratch coat in the industry currently. 

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