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  1. I don't know if I'm willing to wager anything one way or the other
  2. Everyone I know recommends the classic charcoal 1.2 as it's reboxed global qdp.
  3. Between those two I'd personally go with the Express. I've sampled the Suntek and found it scratches waaaaay too easily for me. The express has a solid reputation and history for holding up even in harsher climates. I use xpel and feel like in my experience the express has a slightly (and I mean slightly) more aggressive adhesive but not to the point where it should really make a difference as far as peanuts are concerned but I also don't have peanut issues with Xpel, certainly not compared to the 3M I was using before. If I remember correctly I think the suntek is a slightly thinner film compared to express and xpel so that may account for you different experiences with it laying down on defroster lines without peanuts.
  4. Dirt cheap mystery film (a 60" roll of their ceramic is less than half the cost of a 60" roll of CTX and I'm certain that the llumar price sheet I have is outdated since it's from 2017). I get mailers from them every 6-9mos or so trying to get me to sample their film. I've yet to talk to anyone who has actually used it. A buddy of mine just asked me about it the other day, the local shop he goes to was trying to sell him on it for the windshield of his new car. Guess they've been having issues getting ahold of Johnson which is what they usually use. Funny and ironic is that the very next day I had a new mailer from them.
  5. Hanging in there, how about yourself?
  6. I won't do another one. I did a crx probably 9mos ago that wasn't bad, but this one was a nightmare. I ultimately was really unhappy with how it came out and just charged for materials on it. Pretty embarrassing to be honest
  7. Thanks @Bham I'll give that a shot, I was contemplating attempting it wet since those bottom corners didn't want to lay out.. Morning everyone
  8. Anyone have any tips on the back glass of a 90 Honda Accord Coupe? This thing is kicking my ass, I've tried moving my anchor line up as well as down, I've tried lift and pull and I'm just not getting it nailed and it's really starting to piss me off.
  9. I had to warranty out over 2k sqft of film a couple years ago with a similar issue
  10. It was all over the radio this morning, they were really pushing the idea of a Tyson vs Holyfield rematch/exhibition fight.
  11. I have a McCullough that I got off Amazon for about 8 years now. It was cheap and gets the job done well.
  12. Where you getting funnel cake in these desperate times? you failing to maintain social distancing at some sorta underground carnival :dropadime :Karen'sonit :gottasnitch
  13. I'm sure that would work just fine, but like @no ma'am I use ramps. I have some rhino ramps that work for me, if I've got a vette or something lower i have some 3ish foot long 2x4s that I use for extensions. If I were buying new or doing it over I'd get the race ramps that are designed for low clearance cars like no ma'am suggested. Unless you have other need for the lift that is.