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  1. I'm glad it's a short week for me.
  2. That'd be a fun one with the reverse curve to the rear window. We had two of the 2drs when I was a kid
  3. That's a random one. I did this 97ish S90 a few weeks ago Definitely had some quote requests on some odd older rides recently.
  4. I know @Tint Eastwood and @jh812 are both in NC, not sure if they're within reasonable distance to Raleigh though. Perhaps they can give you another recommendation if they're not able to get you taken care of.
  5. Yeah I think I'd be taking him up on the removal and refund personally
  6. Evening everyone Anyone else stupid busy right now?
  7. I've got an FC series plotter so I'm not sure if the adjustments are going to correlate 1:1 but with my most recent blade & strip replacement I dialed the cutting pressure back by 6 steps, so it was at 21 before now it's at 15. You'll need to play with it and fine tune it for your individual film and plotter, it's better to err on the side of caution and dial it too far back first and step it back up as needed.
  8. I'm going to say you're being excessively ocd. The quarter window having a single speck that small is no big deal, and yes I would call that a speck not a chunk. As far as the top gap is concerned, if there's going to be any gap I strive to make it as even as possible but a sixteenth isn't going to be a deal breaker in my opinion. Generally the only way you're going to get better than that is by bumping the pattern up a bit and shaving the excess, which I do in those instances where the pattern is off significantly but even then you can end up with some inconsistencies due to the bevels on the glass not being perfect.
  9. Sounds like you're on the right track, replace the strip and blade and go from there. Don't forget to dial back the cutting pressure with the new blade or you'll cut through the film and liner and score your fresh cutting strip.
  10. some of those 80's and 90's rides are nightmares to tint, the coupes especially
  11. I've seen it done a couple ways. I've seen people cut a relief strip out of the film before applying it so there's clearance for the defroster connections and I've also seen people mask off and paint the glass from the strips to the outer edge of the glass and then only tint between them. No matter what, it's not going to be fun.
  12. Quite the little forest they've got there, looks like it's high time they clear-cut that bitch
  13. Short answer yes that's acceptable. In the vast majority of cases that's done for legal reasons, others for ease of installation or preference. Not being familiar with the laws in your area I can't tell you what the particular case with your vehicle is and that would be a question best answered by your installer. In my area a third brake light cutout isn't required and as such I don't typically utilize one unless requested to by my customer.
  14. Wish I had space for a table
  15. Constantly shifting the goal posts
  16. That makes sense. It sounds like we're supposed to head to Florida again in December, now I just have to convince my wife that we should drive again instead of flying. Both times I passed through the Birmingham area it was super late at night but what I could see of the area northwest of it looked like it would be cool to see during the day. Morning everyone
  17. Always. Or just because you want to hear it again