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  1. That's pretty awesome! Everything ok?
  2. More than likely there's a difference in your factory glass itself that's making the color appear different. Toyota/Lexus is notorious for using different glass in their vehicles over the years, from green to bronze to clear to reflective and in some cases a combination on the same vehicle. The late 90's and early 00's RX300 and Land Cruiser both come to mind as common examples still frequently seen on the road. While no one can rule out 100% the film being switched it is highly unlikely that they would've done it for that single window. I'll attach a picture of an old truck I did recently where the wing window on the driver's door was clear glass while the rest of the truck had solar green glass, the same film was used but you can see the color variation between the main roll up window and the wing window in the picture. In the pic it's fairly subtle but in person it's much more noticeable.
  3. The weather is definitely schizophrenic here, three or four years ago it was still snowing in June. Thankfully humidity is rarely an issue here, that always kills me.
  4. I did that last year when the 'rona hit and haven't looked back. I'm busy as ever and have only worked a handful of Saturdays if I needed to catch up or accommodate someone that couldn't do any other day. Afternoon everyone
  5. 92° not bad for you I'm sure but it's hot as shit for up here, especially in June. Average is about 72, today was a new record high and the next couple days look to do the same.
  6. I'm hanging in there, disappointed the Avalanche and the Bruins both got eliminated but oh well, is what it is. Shop's busy as shit so that's a bright spot. How about yourself?
  7. Nice! I've got a Mini Aussie myself
  8. While you're correct in that there is no perfect tint job, if you're not striving for perfection in every install you are doing yourself and your customers a severe disservice.
  9. That's excessive contamination and not acceptable in my opinion.