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Tint Over Inspection Sticker

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Hey guys,

So my friend did my tint on my front windshield when he fist started to tint. Of course, he tinted right over the inspection stickers so now I have no way of getting my car inspected as they cannot take the sticker off. Can I just use a scalpel knife to cut around the sticker so I can get it inspected? (I am not extremely worried about how it looks as that is a harder to see area but I just want to make sure I can cleanly cut it out without tearing the tint.)

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Make sure you have a freshly snapped stainless steel blade, or a new razor blade.


I'd cut it right at the point the film is raised off the glass as it meets the sticker. As long as your cuts are clean and all the way through, tearing the film shouldn't be an issue. I'd be worried how badly the sticker is stuck and if you can get that off without using a blade.

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I am assuming that you mean the whole windshield?  So , My question is how/where are you even able to pass an inspection with full windshield tint? 

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How yearly are your inspections. 1st time I had WS tinted.

I'd say do - over. Remove tint. Reinstall minus sticker

Either reuse old sticker or get new sticker

New sticker goes onto clear vinyl. I put both inspect/reg on the clear vinyl and the vinyl sticks to the tint just fine. it's adhered 99%  There is a very small -minituia- on the corner of the vinyl that is curved from the edges. I think it's just due to vinyl bring cut flush with sticker (vinyl sticker heavier due to sticker). If I added a slightly clear border to the sticker extending the vinyl, maybe it might stick better to less weight 



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