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Beginner here and NEED HELP!!!

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So Iv decided to teach myself how to tint vehicles. Iv been doing it for almost 2 weeks for at least 4 hours a day. I can cut and trim fine but I have so much contamination. Iv tinted around 15 windows and cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. I spend a solid 10 minutes just trying to prep the window best as possible but it doesn’t help. Thanks in advance! 

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Oh boy, I would have to write a 5000 word essay and maybe then still couldn't properly explain it. I would recommend trying to get into a local shop with a good reputation as an apprentice, for no pay, if you're already going at it for four hours a day. 


You could also pay a small fee and get some good training videos from @flat rock stan for less money than you're currently spending on film. He may still offer on site training, not sure, you'll have to ask. If not, I would imagine he would have a reference for someone who does.


Speaking of film, it's way easier to use a quality film than the cheap stuff even for an experienced tinter.

I've said over and over it till I'm blue in the face on here, call express window films and get a 40" roll of HP20 and start there. That film is really forgiving to handle and will out last the life of the car you're putting it on.

Best of luck and welcome to the industry!

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Thank you Dano! I originally thought that preventing contamination would be the easier part of tinting but boy was I wrong. One more question… does the quality of the microfiber towels I’m using matter? I took the cheap rout on those. I think some of the fibers may be sticking to my seals then finding their way under my film. 

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Cheapo microfibers aren't always bad. Sometimes I like 'em thiner to wrap around an tool to cram in between the glass and gasket to get unseen crap off of the hidden edges. I keep a few different kinds around for different purposes and when they get crappy I find crappier useses around the shop until I throw 'em away.  You can also put them in the dryer with no heat for a few minutes to pull the lint off. Shake before using and light mist.


For better edge work, roll down the windows, spray the gaskets with sprayaway and double or triple fold your microfiber around a triangle card of some sort to scrub the gaskets clean. If the car has felt seals, let them dry out afterwards and cover them with masking tape. Press it in good so it doesn't lift when it gets wet. Spritz the surface with water before you roll the glass up to install so your film will slide over the surface. Also wipe down the door frame around the glass.

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