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Residential Tint options Help please

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I'm looking to tint the east and west sides of my house, which are also neighbor facing so I'm looking to use a dual reflective for privacy. I'm trying not to block all the natural light out and darken the rooms much, but i also want privacy if my neighbor is walking in-netween our houses, or my lawn guy is cutting the grass.


All that being said, my main goal is heat rejection, next is privacy, and last is natural light. So, i was looking at a 25-30% VLT. Is that enough?

I have one installer offering Avery Dennison OptiTune 30i or 20i. 

One installer is offering Suntek SYDS 25

I was also looking at Llumar DRN 35, but haven't nailed down an installer yet.


Out of those choices, i was originally leaning towards the SunTek SYDS 25, HOWEVER I really don't like the blue hue of that tint. The installer for the OptiTune 30i and 20i stated that for privacy at 10 feet from the glass the 30i will work, but any closer I'd need the 20i, which is a bit darker than i wanted but I'm now leaning more and more towards the OptiTune due to the non blue hue of it. But are they correct regarding the privacy aspect of those films? My neighbor or lawn guys would absolutely be closer than 10feet while walking in-between our houses.


Since it's near impossible to find pictures of installations online for these shades, i'm hoping you all can tell me which one will offer the most privacy without going super dark?

All of them seem to have a very similar TSER, which is why my main focus between these options is the privacy aspect.


Thanks in advance!


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3 hours ago, Tint Eastwood said:

I never have liked the SYDS films, blue hue as you mentioned and more of a silver appearance to the reflectivity on the exterior. I’d say any DR 35/25 should do the job. 25 would obviously offer more privacy.


OptiTune comes in 30% VLT and 20% VLT. I would prefer 30% to keep as much natural light as possible. So you're saying it should work well?

20% seems too dark, but if it's necessary for the privacy I'm wanting, then it is what it is.

I think I've nailed it down to the Avery Dennison installer, or an XPEL installer, using their DR 27.

Leaning more towards the Avery Dennison OptiTune, but still trying to figure out 20i or 30i.

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